Green Lightweight Glass Fiber Fireproof Tarpaulin

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Glass Fiber Fireproof Tarpaulin Green Lightweight

Material: Waterproof coated cloth
Features: canvas dust, weather-resistant, mildewproof, breathable, Green Lightweight, longevity, and strength can be resistant to acid and alkali, can be waterproof
Process: The use of advanced heat sealing equipment, full range of two overlapping edgings, double fixed, more solid, pull-resistant pull, no hem, no cracking; because all the roll width is 1.5 meters, so more than 1.5 meters All need to be spliced, after the splicing edge, the product size will be reduced by 10-20 cm, please know

Uses All weather: anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-shrinkage, and equipped with UV stabilizers. Designed for all weather resistance, including sub-zero winter temperatures and hot summers, make it is ideal for covering roofs.

ALL WEATHER: Rot-proof, waterproof, shrink-proof, and equipped with UV stabilizers. Designed for all weather resistance including sub-zero winter temperatures and blistering hot summers making it is ideally suited to be used as a cover for your roof.


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