Green Waterproof Groundsheet Cover 150gsm

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 Green Waterproof Tarpaulin 150gsm Groundsheet Cover

These green Waterproof tarpaulins can be used for Garden Furniture, Camping Groundsheets, Wood Stack Covers, Sandpit Covers, Landscaping, Construction, and Boating.
Please note that all sizes of tarpaulins are cut sizes before the manufacturing process, therefore the sizes may differ slightly by +/- 5%. The images shown are for illustrative purposes only and fixings may vary.
The majority of the tarpaulins may have seams, as numerous panels are used to create the finished size.


1. Green
2. 150gsm
3. Aluminum Eyelets all around approximately every 0.9m
4. Rope-reinforced hems all round
5. Waterproof
6. Shrink Proof

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