Premium Quality Dust Proof Car Cover

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Waterproof Car Cover UV Protective Premium Quality Dust Proof Car Cover

For indoor or outdoor use, this car cover meets your standard vehicle protection needs. This Premium Quality Dust Proof Car Cover is Waterproof and also keeps dust and dirt out while still allowing trapped heat and condensation to escape.

Made from the light quality material, provides durability and protection against rains, drops, dirt, sun protection.

Because it employs a light-weight material, it is quick to put on or take off of your vehicle. The Premium Quality Dust Proof Car Cover comes in a contemporary dark grey color that’s ideal for reducing surface heat.

1. The car cover is Waterproof
2. Made breathable to allow trapped heat and moisture to escape from beneath the car cover
3. Elasticized bottom tight around the base of your vehicle
4. The Car Cover has NO mirror pockets.
5. This car cover is available in grey color only
6. Breathable fabric allows good air circulation under the cover, prevents moisture & reduces heat build up
7. UV resistant fabric protects your vehicle paint from damaging UV rays & pollutants.
8. protection against rains, snow, dirt, dust, bird drops and heat/cold.

Approx. Cover Dimension: Length 400cm x Width 160cm x Height 120cm

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Length 400cm x Width 160cm x Height 120cm


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