Waterproof Transparent PVC Tarpaulin Fruit Cage Steel Frame

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Waterproof Transparent PVC Tunnel Green House Clear Tarpaulin Fruit Cage Steel Frame

Product Description:
This range of greenhouse/fruit Transparent cages is the perfect item for gardening hobbyists, green fingers, or someone who just wants to start his/her growing. It will surely extend your plant’s growing season wherever you are, and it will let you grow your plants and vegetables in a more eco-friendly way. Do not hesitate to take it home, and start to create your crops for your dinner plate!

Product Features:
1. Suitable for flowers, vegetables, and fruit planting, protect them from bird damage and strong sunlight.
2. Available in 2 versions—this is 2- section one
3. Waterproof Transparent PVC cover.
4. Dark green powder-coated Ø 16mm steel tube, hardy and durable.
5. Full ground bar and support bar on both sides, stable and sturdy
6. Double-zipped doors are convenient for your watching and useful for natural ventilation.
7. Diagonal storm bracing bars inside make the whole configuration firm and everlasting.
8. At the bottom, there is a 10cm redundant cover for that soil that can press on it to prevent storms and ensure obturation.
9. Offer a usable 1.6 cubic meters of vacancy and space.
10. Easy assembly and easy to clean.

1. Material: Steel frame + PVC Transparent cover
2. Steel frame: Ø 16mm
3. Steel tube color: Dark green
4. Product dimension: 200 x 100 x 80 (cm)

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200cm x 100cm x 80cm


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